Make a HEVC decoder

Orcc has been mainly used to develop parallel implementation of video decoders. So the last tutorial will show you how to build and try your own video decoder based on the HEVC standard (which is a the successor of the H.264 standard).

Of course, your are not going to program this decoder from scratch.

You just have to get 2 projects from Orcc Applications as describe here:

  • RVC
  • System

Browsing RVC project, you must open the following file RVC/src/devel/org/sc29/wg11/mpegh/part2/Top_mpegh_part2_main.xdf.

You should see this Network:

By double-clicking on Instances, you can see actor's sources or sub-Networks. HevcDecoder should be up to your expectations!


Running the decoder

If you have already done the others tutorials next step is now familiar for you. Otherwise you can still see here how to do.

Here, we focus on the compilation mode (Run As > Orcc compilation) using the C backend (i.e. generation of C code):

For this decoder you must setup FIFO size to 2 to the power of 13 = 8192

Click on Apply, click on Run and build your generated code.

To test the decoder, you have to download HEVC sequences. You can find it in Orcc sourceforge file repository. For our HEVC decoder, the right archive to download is HEVC HM10 ld main.

Once unzipped, just execute the decoder with one of the sequence. For example: Top_mpegh_part2_main -i KristenAndSara_1280x720_60_qp27.bin

A nice video should appear on your screen!

You are know ready to use the power of Orcc and build your own decoder!

Quick install

Install Orcc from the update site
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