Since today, a new Orcc version is available. It is tagged 2.0.0 and come with a lot of new features, bug fixes and improvements in all parts of the software. The complete list of changes is available in the Release note.

As usual, you can update your existing version in eclipse by using Help > Check for Updates menu. A new installation can be done simply using the update site

If you find a bug, feel free to report it using our issue tracker. You can also discuss with us using the mailing lists: orcc-list is mainly dedicated to general questions and suggests about Orcc usage, when orcc-dev is mostly used by developers. We are also available on freenode IRC in the #orcc channel.

Best regards,

The Orcc team

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Quick install

Install Orcc from the update site
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Whether you need (or want to offer) help or advice, or if you just want to discuss/chat about Orcc, feel free to contact us!

Most of the team is based in Europe, so you might expect people to be connected and answer mail during the day (GMT+1).

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