The new Orcc version is now released. You can check the new features and bug fixes in the changelog. To update, you should only need to use the eclipse "Help > Check for updates" menu. If you want to install Orcc for the first time, simply add to your update sites list.

I'm pleased to announce that Orcc is also available on the Eclipse marketplace since July.

You can even check our click-through rate (which is increasing by the way).

Dear all,

A new release of Orcc has been released. Please find below the most noticeable changes.

Thanks to developers and enjoy the new version,

We are glad to announce the release 1.1.1 of Orcc. You have also to install Graphiti-editor 1.3.10 with it. Notable changes and features:

  • The interpreter has been improved it checks some inconsistency in the code (bit exact simulation and floating point simulation). 
  • The TTA backend has been improved to reduce the logic utilization on the target platform.

We worked for some weeks to setup a continuous integration server. This work will help us to find as soon as possible all errors (when building orcc plugins/feature, when running to build apps, when running apps, etc.) that could happens. The first benefit of this work for all developpers is the new nightly repository. Starting today, you can use a new eclipse update site to test current developer version of Orcc feature.

For now, this update site provide every day at least one version of Orcc feature built in the early in the morning (if no error happen). To test this nightly version, simply replace classic orcc update site in your eclipse by the following address:
On this repository, Orcc feature follow a new versioning rule: the last part of feature and plugins version correspond to the date / time the element were built. A plugin with the version number were built on 2012-04-11 at 17:05.

If you decide to try them, keep it mind they are experimental versions...

New Orcc stable release announced for April 23:

Quick install

Install Orcc from the update site
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Whether you need (or want to offer) help or advice, or if you just want to discuss/chat about Orcc, feel free to contact us!

Most of the team is based in Europe, so you might expect people to be connected and answer mail during the day (GMT+1).

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