Install Orcc

Getting started with the Open RVC-CAL Compiler will only take you 5 minutes!


Orcc requires the Eclipse environment, which runs on the Java platform. If you do not have a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) yet, you will need to install it, either from your package manager, or from the website. You need at least the version 1.6.

We recommend that you use Sun’s JRE or OpenJDK on Linux too, as we have had problems with GCJ. Be sure to add the JRE to the PATH before other folders if you want it to be found rather than exising JREs.


Eclipse is an extensible platform programmed in Java that allows developers to write their own IDE (Integrated Development Environment). Orcc is compatible with Eclipse version greater than or equal to 4.3. You can download Eclipse here.

  1. Depending on your needs, you may download the Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers package, the Eclipse IDE for Java Developers package, or yet another package.
  2. Extract Eclipse somewhere in a folder where you have write access, e.g. in your home directory.
  3. Check that your eclipse.ini file contains enough memory heap allocation: at least 512MB is advised (you should have -Xmx512m at the end of eclipse.ini).


To install Orcc, you can use the Eclipse Software Update Manager. To do that, 

  1. Go to Help > Install New Software...
  2. Click Add... to add an update site
  3. Set its name (e.g. Orcc) and its url to
    Alternatively, you can also use nightly build url instead
  4. Once this done, select Open RVC-CAL Compiler or Orcc.
  5. Click Next, check and accept the licenses and then click Finish.
  6. At some point Eclipse will ask you if you really want to install an unverified feature, just accept and restart Eclipse.

And then?

You have now a working installation of Orcc, you can download and compile the proposed open-source applications or write your own program in RVC-CAL...

Quick install

Install Orcc from the update site
More information


Whether you need (or want to offer) help or advice, or if you just want to discuss/chat about Orcc, feel free to contact us!

Most of the team is based in Europe, so you might expect people to be connected and answer mail during the day (GMT+1).

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